Ali Zaini

Software Engineer

About Me: I'm a first generation American who has lived in Louisiana for almost my whole life. Currently, I'm a software engineer at MITRE and work extensively with our sponsors to solve problems for a safer world.

What I Do: I have a passion for solving problems, as I see each issue I face as a challenge. My experience is mostly within backend development and process automation, creating APIs from scratch and automating workflows for more accurate and efficient results.

My Work

@DMVidBot on Twitter

DMVidBot is a chatbot I created where users DM the bot on twitter with any tweet with a video. Then, the bot will send the video via WhatsApp to the user to be easily downloadable!

NodeJS Web Scraper Twitter and WhatsApp APIs Heroku

Ismah Designs - A Full-Stack Shopping Site

Ismah Designs is a shopping site that will be going live in the near future. The current version has a working shopping bag (through the use of cookies) with the ability to update your bag at checkout.

HTML CSS JavaScript

More will be coming in the near future! Be sure to check back in!

My Blog

This section will constantly be updated with blogs about my journey leading up to entering the real world, new things I've learned, and much more.

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